Friday, March 7, 2014

Awesome friends

Having an appreciation party next week for friends that have given me much needed help with a sale I had at the end of last year. Decided to have them stitch on a new pattern project while we have wine and cheese.So today I'm ironing on those 15 wool projects. Hope they like it.
Sue Carter a friend stitched my sample. She is one with the needle. Perfection.
Well keep you posted on party day next Thursday March 13 th.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Strip Smart Book Blog Tour

Hello everyone!

Well I'm the end of the trail of an awesome blog tour of the Teachers Pet Strip-Smart Quilt Book Tour.

It's a beautiful day today, so I grabbed Kathy's book, took it out on the deck and began to read the introduction on her ruler thoughts. That is "SO ME" on passing up rulers of any kind because of the though of now I have to figure out how to use the ruler, and I just don't have the time.

I am amazed on how Kathy designed all these fun, fast, and easy scrappy quilts she has been talking about for months. Now I know it's all about the ruler and her talent.

Ok, so my thing is applique. I absolutely love the scrappy look quilts. Here's my problem; I end up matching all my cut pieces and don't end up with a scrappy looking quilt. Tara from Sew Unique Creations has been trying to teach me scrappy. I buy a lot of Taras' fabric with good intentions, but there it sits on a pile until this book and ruler comes along. Kathy, I'll finally get to sew a scrappy quilt without, "does the piece look good here", or "will this really look scrappy when I'm finished?"


As for my favorite quilt in the book, hmmmmm hard to pick just one. So I'll go with the "Brownies a La Mode", its a quilt I'm going to sew with my granddaughters when they come for a week in July. But, my favorite is "Pick up Sticks" scrappy.

I thought it would be great to start a quilt for my grandson, "scrappy of course", he loves to fish. So I started sewing 2-1/2" strips together and here is the block I came up with, using my gone fishing fabric line.

This book and ruler are so easy to use. You all are going to love it. Kathy is so creative and the quilts are wonderful. I've known Kathy for years and she is huge on fun. So remember to leave a comment here on our blog for today's chance to win one of Kathy's Strip-Smart Books and ruler.

Kathy will be drawing the names herself and announcing the winners! How cool is that? And I'm told there is a grand prize too!


If you want to learn more about Kathy's new book, you can view her website at or her blog at

Take Time for Quilting and enjoy the outdoors and enjoy Kathy's new book.
It's awsome fun!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Back from Salt Lake Quilt Market

We had a wonderful show. The night before we arrived the mountains were blanketed with a fresh foot of snow. Breathtaking view!!!

Quilt shops owners showed great interest and excitement over my new Nostalgic Hunt fabrics. The quilt shops ordered lots of this new fabric and the material will be shipped very soon to their shops. So on your next quilt shop trip please take a moment to check out my new fabric collection Nostalgic Hunt.

A few patterns from Nostalgic Hunt & Pheasant and Turkey Season.

Right down the aisle from my booth is Pearl Louise Designs exhibiting her new collections. Pearl Louise's booth is always bright and cheery.

Projects from my new book Natures' Table Toppers. I can't wait until the book is released in September. I'll keep you posted on arrival date.

Sad news on Molly Mallard. While I was away to Salt Lake, Molly's nest was invaded by what we think was old Red the Fox, who hangs around here. This is the first year we didn't get to see the little baby ducklings. I'll have to find last years pictures for you.

Molly hasn't been seen since I got home. But the drake Mallards keep busy hanging around the nest area.

I went out on the deck for lunch today, saw these fish, so I ran in and grabbed my camera.

Bass and sunfish hanging out!

Take time for quilting and enjoy the summer!



Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Thanks to all of you for being so patient with me. I've fininshed my part of my new book "Natures Table Toppers". Now Landauer will be doing the photo shoots and everything else required to complete the book.
It will have 18 to 20 projects, and the release date will be sometime in September.

I snapped a few pictures for a sneak preview before the models left here. I won't see them again until I get to Salt Lake City for the International Quilt Market later this month.

My new fabric line, "Nostalgic Hunt" has arrived and will be showcased in Salt Lake. Again it's busy, busy, busy, with my sewing machines going 100 miles per hour with lots of help from friends to put together salesman samples, new patterns, and booth displays in only a few short weeks. I get a few yards of each fabric from my  line sent duty free to use for designing until the ship arrives with the remainder of the fabric. From there it is sent  to Troy warehouse to be rolled and shipped to Quilt Shops.

This is a picture of a few pieces in the "Nostalgic Hunt" line. New patterns will follow on the web site in a week or so.

The ice was not even off the lake in April when my old friends return

New friends have also come to visit us

Happy Mother's Day to all.
We hada a lovely warm weekend and did some yard work. While cleaning up the lake shore; Mark had to rescue this young snapping turtle.

The waves were pushing him into rocks where he couldn't get out. I took a break to bind a quilt in the sun when Mark quietly says "get your camera Molly's back!" Here is a picture of "Molly Mallard"; she has been having babies in this old tree trunk or on the lak shore bank for years now. Last year she had 14 little duckings. I hope I'm home when they all jump out of the nest and into the water. It's so fun to watch.

Well like I said it's Mothers Day and all I want is to take our Kayaks out, soak up some sun, and see if the loons are nesting back in the cove.

Watch for new patterns and kits on my website some time in June!

Take time for quilting and enjoy the outdoor!

Later,   Debbie

Saturday, April 30, 2011

QuiltMakers 100 Blocks Blog Vol. 3

"I apologize for not having a picture of my block available. I was on the understanding that Quiltmaker was going to post a picture of the block which I provided to them. I will try to recoop that picture and post it in the future. Thanks for understanding."

Join me in participating in QuiltMakers 100 Blocks Blog Vol. 3 linked at    My block is designed from my new "Pheasnt & Turkey Season" fabric collection.
I am honored to be selected for this blog. Please Join me supporting this fun quilting blog. My block will be posted on Tuesday May 3, enjoy!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hello friends! What a week of weather; from sunny 48 degrees to another snow storm on the way. A couple nights ago the wind was so strong it blew over a fishhouse on the lake. A lot of our snow has melted, but fresh new stuff is on the way.

Working again this weekend trying to meet my 1st of March book deadline. It is a table topper book including 18 to 20 smaller projects. I'm gathering up a few of my newest fabric to sew the last couple of projects. The book should be out September 2011, I'll post pictures as the date gets closer.

More bird watching. Check out the redheaded woodpecker and the blue jay chatting.

Downy woodpecker loves suet. Better that than our house. Mark does a wonderful job making sure the feeders are full.

Morning dove hanging out in the sun with a full belly.

Have a great day! I'll catch up with you later.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Belated New Year!

I appologize for not blogging for a while. Like most everyone I have been busy, visiting my Mom in Minnesota.
Both sisters; Diane from Telluride CO and Liz from Kalispell MT, flew in to surprize Mom!
We had time to visit family and friends, shop like crazy, and reminiscence, it was great fun just being together.

Making Fresh Tracks
My favorite time to snowshoe or ski across the lake is right before the sun goes down. You just can't beat the exercise, especially when it doesn't feel like exercise. That's my kind of work out. I try to get in 3 to 4 treks a week.

Feeding the Birds
My husband Mark religously feeds our feathered friends (and inadvertently squirrels). I often have my camera ready to snap shots of flying friends.

A Past snowstorm.

 The Deck outside my bedroom
                                                                        Mark shoveling

Heads up on my new Fabric line. "The Nostalgic Hunt" fabric collection will be arriving some time in May or June. Great collection for generation's of hunters along with outdoor inspired scenes. Ducks, geese, deer, rustic cabins, and other great prints to quilt for you guys. I will show some of the prints when I get them.

Stay warm and I will chat with you soon.