Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kitting for Madison show

Getting ready for Madison Quilt Expo

Can't believe the Madison show is next week already. So little time so much more to do. 
Here's a little sampling of our work in progress in getting ready with new wool patterns ,kits. Wool bundles. Starting with sorting and wash the wool.Getting colors sorted then off to the laundry mat. Washed and loaded in the Yukon. Took 4 hours to wash. I try and go when no one else is there so I can use most of the machines

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Opening Day

It's here thurs July 10 th the big day my little wool shop opens In the back of my friend Lynn's  store The Vintage Gallery in Rice Lake. Sad to say I won't be there have a wedding to go to Montana. But My wool buddy Pat Wills who teaches wool classes will be there to inspire all. She would do anything to get out of her real job to just stitch and visit with customers. Finished setting up at 3:00 in the morning and took a few pictures to show you the shop we call Have Ewe Any Wool.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Vintage Gallery wool shop

Just getting started in setting up my little wool shop in the back of my friends Vintage Gallery  store. Bringing in props and baskets. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Cutting wool into kits

My right arm has bigger muscles after this kit. It's the" Every Day Is a Blessing " Easter kit. 

Kits for my new little wool shop in The Vintage Gallery on Main Street down town Rice Lake WI.

Cutting wool kits like crazy for the Grand Opening July 10th ,11th, and 12th.
I'll have a large space in My friend Lynn's shop "The Vintage Gallery " right here in Rice Lake. Her store is open once a month for a week end. Sometimes more in the summer. I will have a huge space in the store filled with wool, patterns, wool kits, and notions relating to wool projects. Should be tons of inspiration and fun.Another friend Pat will be teaching all kinds of wool classes. We carry Valdani Pearl Cotton threads and patterns from other wool designers.