Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Belated New Year!

I appologize for not blogging for a while. Like most everyone I have been busy, visiting my Mom in Minnesota.
Both sisters; Diane from Telluride CO and Liz from Kalispell MT, flew in to surprize Mom!
We had time to visit family and friends, shop like crazy, and reminiscence, it was great fun just being together.

Making Fresh Tracks
My favorite time to snowshoe or ski across the lake is right before the sun goes down. You just can't beat the exercise, especially when it doesn't feel like exercise. That's my kind of work out. I try to get in 3 to 4 treks a week.

Feeding the Birds
My husband Mark religously feeds our feathered friends (and inadvertently squirrels). I often have my camera ready to snap shots of flying friends.

A Past snowstorm.

 The Deck outside my bedroom
                                                                        Mark shoveling

Heads up on my new Fabric line. "The Nostalgic Hunt" fabric collection will be arriving some time in May or June. Great collection for generation's of hunters along with outdoor inspired scenes. Ducks, geese, deer, rustic cabins, and other great prints to quilt for you guys. I will show some of the prints when I get them.

Stay warm and I will chat with you soon.


  1. Really looking forward to your new fabric line!

  2. How exciting, a new set of fabrics! Looking forward to it, enjoy the rest of winter. - Mary in Minnesota