Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Thanks to all of you for being so patient with me. I've fininshed my part of my new book "Natures Table Toppers". Now Landauer will be doing the photo shoots and everything else required to complete the book.
It will have 18 to 20 projects, and the release date will be sometime in September.

I snapped a few pictures for a sneak preview before the models left here. I won't see them again until I get to Salt Lake City for the International Quilt Market later this month.

My new fabric line, "Nostalgic Hunt" has arrived and will be showcased in Salt Lake. Again it's busy, busy, busy, with my sewing machines going 100 miles per hour with lots of help from friends to put together salesman samples, new patterns, and booth displays in only a few short weeks. I get a few yards of each fabric from my  line sent duty free to use for designing until the ship arrives with the remainder of the fabric. From there it is sent  to Troy warehouse to be rolled and shipped to Quilt Shops.

This is a picture of a few pieces in the "Nostalgic Hunt" line. New patterns will follow on the web site in a week or so.

The ice was not even off the lake in April when my old friends return

New friends have also come to visit us

Happy Mother's Day to all.
We hada a lovely warm weekend and did some yard work. While cleaning up the lake shore; Mark had to rescue this young snapping turtle.

The waves were pushing him into rocks where he couldn't get out. I took a break to bind a quilt in the sun when Mark quietly says "get your camera Molly's back!" Here is a picture of "Molly Mallard"; she has been having babies in this old tree trunk or on the lak shore bank for years now. Last year she had 14 little duckings. I hope I'm home when they all jump out of the nest and into the water. It's so fun to watch.

Well like I said it's Mothers Day and all I want is to take our Kayaks out, soak up some sun, and see if the loons are nesting back in the cove.

Watch for new patterns and kits on my website some time in June!

Take time for quilting and enjoy the outdoor!

Later,   Debbie


  1. Wow! Wonderful fabric! You are living my dream life in what sounds like my dream place! Lucky you! I had hoped to kayak on my wimpy southern lake this weekend but am laid up with a massive ear infection. A teacher appreciation present from a student. LOL! Spot a loon or two for me. I cant wait to go to my Canada lake this summer!

  2. Fantastic projects...most of them are calling my name!! How gorgeous is your little corner of the world! thanks for sharing!

  3. Love your new projects and the nature theme.
    Love where you live and the lake, I am ready to get out and kayak too, but still a bit windy and cool.